Your Batman t-shirt may be great for hanging out with your friends on a game night, but there is nothing quite as stylish and quite as versatile as a shirt. From a business meeting, to the beach, to a night out on the town, a shirt will make you look good, keep you comfortable, and let people know you are a man of good taste. A shirt is a must-have for every wardrobe. But if you are uncertain what kind of shirts you need, we have compiled a list of 6 types of shirts you absolutely must own.

1. The Oxford Button-Down Shirt

The Oxford Button-Down was created in 1896 and is still a classic. It’s got a thicker fabric, a button-down collar and is more casual than a dress shirt. Button-downs can be worn with jeans, chinos, or corduroys, with an open collar and sleeves rolled up, or not. Go with lighter colours for the day and more professional settings, and darker colours for casual events.

2. The Dress Shirt

Elegant and minimalist, a dress shirt is a must-have for every man. Of a material that’s typically thicker than normal shirts, a dress shirt is usually cut from a fabric that will hold its shape and stay stiff and crisp. The dress shirt works best with a suit or a three-piece, complete with a tie, cufflinks, and a good time-piece. Simple and classy works best here.

3. The Office Shirt

These shirts are built to last you through your day at office and can come in a variety of styles. Whites and pale shades are great for that business casual look, and you can experiment with twill and oxford textures for a change. You can opt for stretch or anti-wrinkle fabrics too, if you want greater comfort.

4. The Classic Short Sleeve

The short sleeve shirt is great for Sri Lankan weather which is practically a year-long summer. Similar to a button-down, it has a pointed open collar, and comes in a huge range of patterns and colours. Wear with jeans, chinos, or shorts, and you don’t need to tuck them in. Just make sure the sleeves don’t end higher than mid-bicep, and you should be fine.

5. The Linen Shirt

 Nothing is as classically Sri Lankan as the linen shirt. Made from a light, breathable fabric, linen is great for hot, humid weather and sunny days. Lighter colours like white and blue go better with linen, and you can wear them for casual or smart-casual occasions. Roll up the sleeves and pair them with chinos or jeans for the ideal summer look.

6. The Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is versatile and stylish and is best for casual events. It is made of a woven material and has a pointed collar and a few buttons at the neck, which means that you can pull it off more stylishly than you can a t-shirt. Avoid loud colours and pair it with the right pair of trousers and you might end up looking like James Bond.