Is there a perfect shirt for you?

Is there a perfect shirt for you?

Whether it is for style, comfort or fit, we all have our favorite shirts but there are a few things that don't help you with that lasting first impression you want. For instance, hanging on to your dress shirt for too long, letting the collars fray and the fabric discolor, or ignoring the fact that you've gained or lost a few pounds.

Which is why, at least twice a year, making one or two swaps in your wardrobe is a smart move. It also allows you to bring some new colors and patterns into the mix. Playing it safe with your blue and white dress shirts, the occasional stripes, prints are fine but you'll never earn the coveted title of "best dressed” if you aren't experimenting a little bit.


A fitting start

Whether it be a random stroll in the nearest mall, surfing the web or visiting your local tailor for that custom fitted shirt, your options are unlimited and vastly mainstream at best. How do you stand out from the crowd with a perfect shirt?

Well, the first detail that is looked into when it comes to that "perfect" shirt begins with the fitting of it. It should be sturdy, but also breathable. It should look sharp, but not at your discomfort. Your shirt should bring the best in you, hide the flaws and certainly make you stand out. Having a good fit not only is visually pleasing but it also elevates your confidence and keeps you focused on more important things- rather than the struggle of trying to keep your shirt tucked in.


Making a change

If you are geared up to get your next dress shirt and you are ready to change the way you look, why not opt for a made to measure shirt? If you haven't visited our store at Rosmead place, it’s time you took that leap of faith and try out your very own shirt, custom designed & made to fit you perfectly!


A traveling tailor

You could opt for a traveling tailor experience, where we send a tailor to your doorstep with a selection of fabrics who will measure you and take your order. This facility is offered for Colombo city limits during weekdays and all you will have to bear additionally is the cost of transport.


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