A Custom Tailored Shirt

With a variety of fabrics including Egyptian Giza Cotton, sourced from reputed shirting mills world over, Stripes & Checks provide the ultimate solution in procuring the perfect shirt, paying attention to the most minute details from the fit to the finish of a meticulously crafted shirt.
We offer the widest range of shirt customisations in Sri Lanka. You can design the perfect shirt by choosing from an extensive selection of fabrics, collars, plackets, buttons, cuffs, thread colour and also have the option of adding a monogram on your pocket or cuff for that added touch of personalisation. Tailor made just for you!

“Create your own visual style; Let it be unique for your self & yet identifiable for others”
- Orson Welles

Huge Range of Premium Fabrics

Make It Truly Your Own

"They made headlines with their very personal service and how they customize shirts to make every man look and feel his best!"

- Life Online